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Cafe Style Shutters

Cafe Style Shutters are used mainly for privacy and great for urban areas where you may have a window on a busy street. As the top part is uncovered, they let in more light, but do not offer as many benefits with regards to noise reduction and insulation. Often windows are also dressed with curtains giving an elegant traditional style.

Cafe Style Shutters are available in our full range of materials from Antigua to Samoa.

Cafe Style Shutters Southampton Eastleigh
Cafe Style Plantation Shutters Waterlooville Fareham
Cafe Style Shutters Southampton Eastleigh bay window
Cafe Style Shutters Southampton Eastleigh bay windows plantation shutters
Cafe Style Shutters Southampton Eastleigh windows plantation shutters


Mid-Rails are a solid horizontal dividing rail, often used to add strength to taller panels. But also allow us to design the shutter so that the louvres in the top and bottom of the panel can operate independently. Alternatively, to give you this versatility without the mid rail, we can use our Silent Tilt mechanism and split the control at any point you specify. The benefit of independent louvre control top and bottom is the ability to provide maximum privacy whilst maintaining light in the room.

Tilt Rods

For operating your shutters you can choose from our 2 options of the traditional style including a wooden tilt rod either centrally placed or offset to the left/right. Or the more modern choice of our Hidden Tilt option giving a stylish elegance to the shutters.

Louvre Sizes

We have 5 different louvre sizes available to you 47mm, 63mm, 76mm, 89mm, or 114mm. Louvre size is relatable to how much privacy/light you want to control in the room but is very much a personal choice.

To see more of the bespoke options available to you when you choose your shutters please take a look at our shutter materials & finishes page.

All our premium plantation shutters are sourced from the well known brand S:CRAFT and include a 5 year warranty. We’re passionate about window shutters as they give many options from different materials, louvre sizes, colour and design. So whether you'd like Full height shutters, Bay window shutters, Café Style, Tier On Tier, Tracked Shutters or Shaped shutters any window is possible.

Following on from our shutters we also supply a full range of blinds. We have dedicated suppliers that follow our company ethos to ensure we can give you only the best products.